Season's Greetings from Tony Blair and His Worst, Creepiest Smile 


On Monday, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, his teeth, and his wife Cherie released a Christmas card that would make all of the characters from Love Actually cry. Looking at it for too long is hypnotic in a kind of terrifying way. And it didn’t take the internet long to jump on the Tony Blair Christmas Card Joke Train.

The photo reminds me of grey skies, rainy days, Coldplay’s emo debut, and telling myself that I need to be my own sunshine (!) while attending Warwick University in England. Except Blair’s not really channeling sunshine; he’s more grimacing in preparation for an awkward conversation about why he doesn’t have—and will not ever give you–your Christmas gift outside of Boots in the pissing rain.

Fortunately, the Internet made fun of Blair and his grimace and Mashable did a round-up, in the name of holiday cheer.

Image via Getty.

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