SeaWorld Visitors Get Trapped on Sky Tower With 'Winter Wonderland' Playing on Repeat


The scenario earlier today at SeaWorld checks off many of the qualifications of torture: being trapped in a giant elevator suspended 200 feet in the air for two hours—while hearing nothing but “Winter Wonderland” as news ‘copters fly around capturing the horror.

For 120 minutes, a group of visitors to one of Orlando’s most beloved attractions—the Sky Tower offers beautiful views of SeaWorld—got trapped in a hellish Christmastime department store in the sky.

Mashable reports:

The group was enjoying a view of the park’s attractions when the ride unexpectedly stopped, trapping them inside for at least two hours. The Christmas song “Winter Wonderland” played on repeat, only interrupted by the occasional safety announcement that was broadcast over the in-ride communications system.
News crews flew helicopters over the area as the passengers waved from the observation windows. At least one passenger streamed the situation live on the Periscope app.

Never-ending terror:

Kids were overheard singing, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”

Here’s the view from the center of hell, via Michel Moffatt, who live-streamed the nightmare via Periscope.

The fire department eventually arrived and fixed the ride, returning the now traumatized group to safety and saving them from continuous torture.

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Images via WESH, Twitter

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