See Leonardo DiCaprio Be Old & Devious In J. Edgar


If you think Leonardo DiCaprio is sexy, you may change your mind after seeing him slathered in aging makeup on to play mean old J. Edgar Hoover. Although it is kind of sexy when he looks into Armie Hammer’s eyes and says, “You understand, I need you.” (Later, they hold hands!) (Unrelated: Dame Judy Dench is a treasure.)

Some people are questioning Leo’s accent, but if you’re curious what Mr. Hoover actually sounded (and looked) like, here’s a 1960 interview, in which you can hear him talk crap about commies. And here, he hollers words like “espionage” and “sabotage.” Also, if you’re really into this stuff, there are a whole bunch of YouTube clips about Hoover titled “A Vicious Racist Homosexual.” Fun!

[Via Vulture]

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