Sex Tips and Colin Jost's Scent: The Best of Leslie Jones' Reddit AMA


It’s been quite the year for SNL writer/player Leslie Jones. After being hired during the shitstorm blizzard that was SNL scrambling for diversity and her controversial Weekend Update segment about slavery, Jones was hired as a “featured player.” And Tuesday afternoon, she sat down for a Reddit AMA, so you know she’s truly made it.

In the AMA, Jones answered all sorts of questions. She explained exactly what happened with that failed Chris Rock sketch (hey, it was her first live sketch and she didn’t even know what color her cue cards were), expressed her love for Taylor Swift, admitted that she’s actually 47, and professed her love for Richard Pryor—her “everything.” Some of the best bits:

Sharing some of her own favorites:

Some advice for aspiring writers who have yet to break the news to their parents:

Some sound relationship advice:

The answer the one question on everyone’s mind:

But despite all this great material, this is probably my favorite exchange from this AMA/every single Reddit AMA:

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