Shop Talk: Stars Love Hanging Out In Stores


Stars, as we know, enjoy store openings. And the Vera Wang Store Launch in L.A. was the Rolls Royce of store launches. Hence, Reese and Mila and Nicky and Renee were all representing – in their shopping best.

Getty describes her as “designer Nicky Hilton.” I describe her dress as “70s baby blanket.”

Last night I went to a thing and I thought it would be a really good idea to not wear my glasses, like being half-blind would be my “thing.” Maybe “Producer/ TV Personality Kara DioGuardi” had the same scheme. It worked out for approximately neither of us. I hope her zipper didn’t stick so a drag queen had to pull it up. Because that would make one of us.

Mila Kunis: in the fold.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Renee Zellweger looks like the prow of a ship.

Reese Witherspoon channels autumn bridesmaid. I’m seeing one of those pricey Dutch tulip bouquets.

Kris Jenner, in some kind of screwball-comedy dizzy matron getup. Which is, you must admit, apt.

Maggie Grace: a wrinkle in time.

It’s her party, and she’ll wear an ostrich vest if she wants to. And we will cry, too.

Angie Harmon’s nightgown is, it must be said, mad glam.

[Images via Getty.]

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