Sia Has the 'Macarena' On Her iPhone And Very Little Else


Sia, husky-voiced pop hit maker and notable wig-wearer, doesn’t really listen to that much music.

You’d think that someone who is, I don’t know, a major pop-star and songwriter would have a lot of different music in rotation at all times, maybe even the music of her frequent collaborators! But according to a new Rolling Stone story, Sia’s iPhone is basically empty:

These days, Sia doesn’t listen to pop music. Her iPhone is practically barren; all she has on iTunes is Keith Jarrett’s Köln live album, a Madness song and “The Macarena.”

You know, I respect it.

In the interview she also talks about how much she sort of hates all her own music (“That’s straight fluff,” she says of her song “Cheap Thrills”) and how producers give her shit for getting a 50% of publishing profits for songs she does for other people, which in the past have included Rihanna, Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue, and many, many more.

A producer once asked why she deserved that kind of deal. “Because I don’t think I should have to pay for the fact that you need two people to do your job,” Sia said.
The producer replied, “But it takes you, like, 20 minutes to write and sing the song. Then I have to go away and spend two or three weeks producing it.”
“Yeah,” Sia said, “but it took me 15 years to take 20 minutes.”

And if you’re a Sia stan, you’ll be excited to know she’s made her first movie, a feature-length musical starring her frequent, mini-me collaborator dancer Maddie Ziegler.

It’s a musical that stars 15-year-old Maddie Ziegler, the dancer from the “Chandelier” video, as an autistic child who comes under the care of her sober drug-dealing sister, played by Kate Hudson. It’s about finding your voice and creating your own family, two big themes in Sia’s life. She knows it’s a gamble — a massive undertaking that could be seen as a vanity project, even though it’s a story she desperately wants to tell.

You can read the full story, which tracks Sia’s complicated rise to pop-but-not-quite-pop fame and future projects, here.

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