Six Men Needed To Subdue Statue-Loving Goose • Human-like Species Discovered In Siberia


• An Illinois woman claims she was held hostage in her home for several hours by a horny goose. She says the bird had “romantic” feelings toward her statue, but when she ventured outside, it immediately attacked.

“I was scared to death,” she says. The goose stayed outside for hours, and it eventually took a group of six men to drive the aggressive fowl away. • A new study shows that there could actually be something to the whole “fuzzy-headed mom” myth. Researchers found that women in their second and third trimesters performed significantly worst on spatial recognition tests, an effect that continued for three months after the baby was born. They attribute the temporary brain-freeze to – what else? – hormones. • A group of sailors in the Australian Navy set “bounties” on the heads of the female officers, which could only be won by having sex with the woman in question. This information came to light as part of an investigation of the crew of the HMAS Success, where sexual harassment, bullying, and intimidation tactics apparently ran rampant. • Researchers from the Netherlands have found that socioeconomic status is directly linked to breast cancer outcome, and this can only be partially explained by the time of diagnosis. The study examined over 120,000 women from various backgrounds. Even after adjusting for factors including age, grade, and stage of the tumor, women from the poorest backgrounds were a fifth more likely to die within ten years as women from the wealthiest backgrounds. • A judge has issued a temporary injunction to seal the video of a SeaWorld trainer being dragged to her death from public viewing. Relatives of Dawn Brancheau say that they will suffer “severe harm” if the video is released. The judge has not yet ruled on whether he plans to permanently ban the clip. • Winning today’s Worst Human Ever award is Angela Blackwell from Michigan. Police say that Blackwell, 45, gave a 67-year-old known pedophile access to her 10-year-old granddaughter in exchange for cocaine. The abuse continued for several months before authorities caught wind of the arrangement. • Women were asked not to speak at a six hour meeting which ended with the firing of principal John Hartwig from a Lutheran school in Wisconsin. Instead, they were asked to write their comments on a sheet of paper and hand them to a male relative or friend to read aloud. • The New York Times blog asks: What if women ran Wall Street? Apparently, the lack of testosterone would result in a much more even economy, without the “volatile swings” we’re currently seeing. • Once a month, women from the Obama administration get together for a sort of “women’s club” dinner. The meetings started last November, when Obama invited his top female advisers to discuss the problem of a “boy’s club” in Washington. They have since continued without the president, although Obama has said he will arrange another meal for the ladies if there is something they feel he must address. • A study showed women being treated for infertility had more problems with sexual desire and arousal than a control group of fertile women, perhaps because of “the pressures of ‘sex-on-demand.'” • Also in infertility news, many couples pay egg donors far more than the $10,000 recommended by the by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine — and the higher a university’s average SAT score, the more students can make selling their eggs. This will be no surprise to anyone who has read an Ivy League newspaper’s classified section, or seen the great film Loser. • A former Goldman Sachs employee is suing the company for putting her on a “mommy track” that eventually led to her firing — she says 75% of employees fired from her group had taken maternity leave. • A finger bone found in Siberia may have belonged to a previously undiscovered species of hominid that lived alongside early humans and Neanderthals. • It’s Ada Lovelace Day, “an international day of blogging to celebrate the achievements of women in technology and science.” Who’s your science/technology heroine? • According to new statistics, the majority of Tea Party-ers (teabaggers?) are white women who support Sarah Palin and voted for John McCain. No surprises there. • Politico reports that Rep. Bart Stupak has been receiving death threats ever since he voted in support of the health care bill. Like several other lawmakers, he has been “bombarded” with obscene phone calls and emails. • Newt Gingrich isn’t pleased with Joe Biden’s foul mouth. He told FOX that he thinks Biden’s f-bomb incident reveals the ego of the Obama administration, which he describes as a “look at us” attitude. •

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