Skirr This, Word Haterz!


It is apodeictic that a periapt might skirr against the garments of a fubsy, agrestic farmer, and compossible that said farmer might exclaim, “drat!” Yeah, whatever — you try using “endangered words” in a sentence.

Apparently some people want to, because the six “endangered words” in that sentence (can you guess which ones they are? Yeah, we thought so.) have been saved from extinction by language aficionados. Last year, dictionary publisher Collins announced its intention to cull twenty-four lesser-used words from its reference books. The ensuing grassroots campaign failed to save “embrangle” (to confuse or entangle) and “caliginosity” (dimness, darkness). Can you think of any words you wish had been murdered in their stead? Or perhaps your own favorite obscure words? Extra-special bonus points to anyone who can use all six words better than we did. [TimesOnline]

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