Some Asshole Threw Bananas at Italy’s 1st Black Cabinet Minister


Just two weeks after an unapologetically racist dickbag and Italian Senator named Roberto Calderoli compared country’s first black cabinet minister to an “orangutan,” another racist dickbag threw bananas at Integration Minister Cecil Kyenge during a rally.

Kyenge, an Italian citizen born in the Democratic Republic of Congo who came to Italy in 1983 in part to pursue her medical studies, has had to put up with a lot of racist bullshit since being named the country’s first black cabinet minister back in June. The banana-hurling incident is just the latest in a series of internet death threats and monumentally ignorant statements from Italy’s far-right, anti-immigration political parties, such as Forza Nuova. According to CNN, the identity of the person who threw the bananas remains a mystery.

Kyenge, with a measure of aplomb and wit that seems superhuman given the outrageous prejudice she’s faced since stepping into Italy’s political spotlight, brushed off the incident with a Twitter quip about how silly it is to waste food when so many people around the world are dying of hunger.


Image via AP, Domenico Stinelis

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