Someone Wrote 'Erotica' About a Video Game Designer Getting Gang-Raped


A self-published erotica author who goes by Valeria O. has written a thinly-veiled work of fiction about Gamergate, in which a video game designer gets gang-raped by a group of men offended by her latest game. Holy shit, Valeria. Holy shit.

The 11-page novella, titled Roughed Up By #GamerGape, has already been pulled from Amazon; you can see a cached version of the page where it was here. The description of the book’s contents:

Zada Quinby is a controversial video game designer who may have stepped the line…
When her latest game offends the nation, five upset players decide to teach her a lesson. This gang of gamers decides to give Zada of piece of their mind, and much more!
Things are about to get incredibly rough when these five men unleash their pent up anger on poor Zada. It’s an experience that she’ll never forget.

Valeria’s “inspiration,” was, obviously, the rape and death threats that have been lobbed at video game designer Zoe Quinn for months by Gamergate. Quinn found the book on Amazon this morning herself. She was understandably unhappy:

Raw Story appears to have been the first media outlet who contacted Amazon about the book; they report that it was pulled down moments after they spoke to an Amazon rep, but that Gamergate is taking credit for having it removed.

Valeria O. has one other title to her name, published over a year ago. Roughed Up garnered three reviews in the roughly four days it was online, all them jokes about “ethics in games journalism,” and all of them one star. Find a new subject, Valeria.

We’ve also contacted Amazon for comment to find out when and how the title was removed, and will update if we hear back.

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