Sorry, Abbi: Bed Bath & Beyond's Luxurious Return Policy Is Dead


If you see Abbi Abrams crying on the streets of Broad City, you now know why: Bed Bath & Beyond—Abbi’s heaven on earth—has announced they’re changing the store’s famously generous return policy. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

As of April 20, the store will, according to Racked, “deduct 20 percent from returns that don’t have receipts.” Is doing this on 4/20 an Abbi-specific slight? Definitely seems like it.

“We are expanding nationwide a modification to our return policy that will only affect customers whose purchase cannot be located to process a return, either because the receipt was not provided or because we could not identify the purchase through a query of our transaction records,” Bed Bath writes to Racked in an email. “We have been providing advance notice of the upcoming change to our customers via signs and handouts in our stores, encouraging customers to hold onto their receipts to avoid being impacted by this change in any manner.”

The store will continue to accept coupons that NEVER expire.

Image via Comedy Central.

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