Sorry Haters, Lindsay Lohan's New Joint 'Xanax' Bangs

Sorry Haters, Lindsay Lohan's New Joint 'Xanax' Bangs

Lindsay Lohan has unveiled a taste of what is surely to become a classic among the endlessly referencing contemporary post-ironic pop fans (Gay Twitter types, you might say) who can’t even determine anymore themselves whether they’re serious or joking or what, and also can’t even, period. Maybe you will like it too; it’s good.

On Wednesday, Virgin Radio Dubai DJ Kris Fade played a snippet of Lohan’s supposedly upcoming single, “Xanax,” which will be her first since 2008’s “Bossy” when (and, no offense, but if) it is released (“Very very soon,” said the host). If that title sounds heavy, have no fear: The song has a tropical house vibe lighter than the warm, dry froth that floats atop a piña colada. It’s very 2015, which isn’t to say that it sounds passé—it’s ahead of the retro curve by some 15 years. Think Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” except it’s not sorry.

This is good. This is really, really good. I almost titled this post, “Xanax Is the Song (and Drug lol) We Need Right Now,” because I don’t lie. Welcome to the world with “Xanax” in it. Enjoy.

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