Southern Witches Are Like 'Don't Put That Triple Murder On Us!'


Down in Pensacola, Florida, police are trying to solve a triple murder and the sheriff believes local witches are to blame. But the witches are like ‘That’s not how this works! That’s not how any of this works.’

Last Friday, Escambia County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Andrew Hobbes told press that the three deaths were “connected to” a Wiccan ritual, according to NBC, and all hell broke loose. Pagan store owner Paula Wahn spoke to WKRG News 5 about what witches and Wiccans do and don’t do including, according to her, triple homicides.

“We try to stay hidden because we get so much bad press. But, we’re definitely not taking a murder,” Wahn said, who’s has been a practicing Wiccan for several years.

Another “practicing pagan” named Cory said witches are peaceful, practice “earth-based” ceremonies, don’t believe in the devil and everyone who’s not Christian is often lumped under the “pagan umbrella.”

“Wiccans specifically believe in the 3 fold rule which dictates that of you cause harm to anything it will come back on you 3 fold, like Karma. They believe in ‘harming none,’ said Kimberly Coffeen, a practicing Wiccan.
“It can be very detrimental, what the sheriff said, because he’s stereotyping us, as pagans, saying that we are bad people and we do evil things. And, we don’t,” Lady Raven, a high priestess from New York, explained.” As witches, we don’t do human sacrifice. It is strictly prohibited.”

Representatives for the nearby and close-knit Wiccan community say they often keep their beliefs a secret for fear of backlash to themselves and their families, especially when sheriffs try to peg them as True Detective plot lines.

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Image via WKRG.

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