Spoiler: Beyoncé Does Not Show Up in Kelly Rowland's New Video


Kelly Rowland’s controversial song “Dirty Laundry” leaked a few months ago and we’ve FINALLY got a video for it. In the video, Rowland appears to be lying in a metaphorical (or literal) pool of her own tears. She wears dark (polarized) shades. She cries at least one actual tear. She stares at herself in a mirror. She gets red wine spilled on her beautiful white dress by a man who just WALKS AWAY AND DOES NOT OFFER TO PAY FOR HER DRY CLEANING.

In all seriousness, it’d probably be difficult to do justice to this song via a video; it’s a beautiful, haunting melody and unless you’re a video-making genius (something that Rowland is not), “Dirty Laundry” was bound to rely on cliché and repetitious imagery. But if today’s release makes you listen to the song one more time, that’s a good thing.

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