Spotted: First Lady Jill Biden's Mask-Free Face Hours After CDC Announcement

Spotted: First Lady Jill Biden's Mask-Free Face Hours After CDC Announcement
Image:Oliver Contreras (AP)

Americans beheld a strange sight today as First Lady Jill Biden descended the steps of Air Force One, a few steps behind Senator Joe Manchin and his wife Gayle. Usually seen clad in a color-coordinated mask, Biden was notably mask-free, the lower half of her face unencumbered by cloth being kissed by the sun and wind. The Manchins were also maskless, prompting everyone to ask, if we had somehow traveled back in time to the pre-covid era.

But the news is much bigger than successful execution of time traveling! On Thursday the CDC announced during a White House press conference that fully vaccinated Americans will be allowed to go mask-free in most indoor and outdoor events, regardless of crowd size. This is a massive change of tune for the CDC, which requested that even fully vaccinated people keep wearing masks indoors and maintain social distance for the foreseeable future.

Despite this wonderful rule, the First Lady did still have a mask on hand which she put on at a different point in the day. (It matched her outfit, of course.)

Yet it would seem that the CDC has opened the door to the post-pandemic era and has invited all of its vaccinated friends to roll right on through. Of course, opening this door opens businesses up to a fresh new version of hell, since there is no way to know if a mask-less person is vaccinated or if they’re merely choosing to roll through Wendy’s spewing some viral load.

According to the New York Times, only a third of the country has been vaccinated and while a mask-less future could motivate more people to get the jab it is also a great motivator to simply lie. Luckily state and local governments are one step ahead of the game and are rolling out absurd incentives to get more people into vaccination sites, like free tickets to sporting events, zoos, museums, free alcohol and free french fries. The state of Ohio is giving away the best prize to five vaccinated residents, a million dollars each.

Who knew that saving yourself and others from a life-threatening virus wasn’t enough of an incentive!

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