Steve Martin Hasn't Actually Been Offered Father of the Bride III Role


Hollywood constantly raids the archives for marketable properties. But even so, this comes as a surprise: Apparently another Father of the Bride sequel is in the works, twenty years after the last one. The franchise will be spruced up for today’s audiences with a gay marriage angle.

The report comes via Nikki Finke, who says Disney and Warner Brothers are currently squaring away the rights for Father of the Bride III, complete with Steve Martin and original co-writer Charles Shyer. According to Finke, the pitch goes like so: Little brother Matty (originally played by a pint-sized Culkin sibling) is grown, gay and engaged. His soon-to-be father-in-law is a Navy SEAL. Cue freakout: “Father of the bride George is ‘thunderstruck and speechless’ and has problems with the whole gay thing. So wife Nina kicks him out of the house, according to the pitch which Disney loved.”

Hm. Interesting.

It’s not the most egregious sequel Hollywood has ever coughed up, and the 1991 version was a remake, anyway. Plus, it’s about time somebody made a big movie about a gay wedding. But the plot, as described by Finke, sounds dicey. Father of the Bride worked because despite his utter meltdown, George was basically supportive. Flipping shit over a gay son is much less charming—and weirdly dated, too. At this point, more than 50 percent of Americans support same-sex marriage.

“It’s a timely idea,” said Finke’s nameless source. “I told Charles I just hope it goes forward before gay stops trending.” That’s Hollywood, always keeping both eyes on the prize. (As long as the prize is box-office receipts.)

Update: Maybe somebody really is scheming on Father of the Bride III, but Steve Martin says he certainly hasn’t signed any paperwork:

That’s not exactly a categorical denial that the project exists, though. And if it doesn’t: Today’s headlines have almost certainly inspired someone to cook up a shitty, shitty remake.

(h/t Cosmo)

Photo via AP Images.

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