Steven Universe Aired a Sweet Same-Sex Marriage Proposal


Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe is many things: a mature, refreshingly funny children’s program, a beautifully weird animated sci-fi series led by a woman, and the source of my favorite birthday song. It’s also known for its exceptional LGBTQ representation, depicting several queer love stories and a gender-fluid character who, by the way, isn’t just a character, but an *~*experience*~*.

On July 4, the show crossed another milestone by showing a same-sex marriage proposal between Ruby and Sapphire, two adorable blob-aliens who are both coded as female. “The all new Steven Universe episodes this week were years in the making, please, PLEASE do not miss these!” showrunner Rebecca Sugar tweeted shortly before the episode aired.

Via IndieWire:

The episode, the 21st installment of the show’s fifth season, included a storyline in which Ruby realized her love for Sapphire. Ruby ended up asking for Sapphire’s hand in marriage. “This way we can be together even when we’re apart,” Ruby said.

Given how inclusive the rest of the show has been when it comes to queer/trans representation—especially since most children’s programming continues to make baby steps in that department—a same-sex marriage between two women on Steven Universe isn’t all that shocking. What is shocking is how gosh-darn cute this couple continues to be, even after they made their debut three years ago. *sniffles* Sorry, who put these onions on my desk?

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