Sup, Stoners? The Girl Scout Cookie Oven Is Here For Your Baking Needs


Just when you thought Girl Scout cookie season was over, those devious little munchkins have come up with a new and exciting way to take all your money and force you to buy a whole new wardrobe of sweatpants and attractive floral print muumuus: They’ve developed a toy oven that bakes your favorite cookies year round.

The oven, created by Wicked Cool Toys, is, of course, meant for small children wanting to experience the joys of cooking for the first time, but you and I both know that it’s going to become a staple of dorm rooms, bachelor pads, and pot clubs everywhere. After all, what the fuck is cuter or more delicious than baking yourself a batch of Thin Mints as you bake yourself into a stupor? You may want to get two, just so you never run out. Or five. Honestly, just buy out your local toy store and start a Girl Scout Weed Cookie Bakery. This is solid business advice I am giving you!

Consumerist reports that the oven will retail for around $60 and will come with a Thin Mint mix. Additional cookie mixes (mmmmm, Trefoils) will be available for purchase in regular and “deluxe” packs, which will allow you to make more than one batch for those days when all you want to do is lay on the couch, eat carbs and wonder whether the walls have always pulsated or whether it’s just a thing they’ve decided to do now.

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