Swagged-Out Streetwear Cat Freaks Me Out, But I Also Envy It


Hypebae, the best website on the internet about all things hypebae, has presented us with an intriguing day-in-the-life video about Zappa, a Dutch Instagram cat whose streetwear collection would put to shame most of the 14-year-old boys spending their lives in the line for Supreme drops.

This cat is chill as hell—no way any of my cats would relax enough to put on a Stussy sweatshirt and Vans—and it’s also better dressed than I am at any given time (much like the aforementioned 14-year-olds). In this video, which chronicles one day in Zappa’s life, this fricken swagged-out kitty wears Vetements, Comme des Garçons Play, Off-White, and Stone Island, among other less pricey but no less credible streetwear brands. I mean, how do they even make a Vetements raincoat in cat size? Why does nothing Demna-related come up when I search for “Vetements for babies”? And why is this cat so much cooler than I am? Oh, because that shit is CUSTOM. Let the cat tell it, in its Hypebae Q&A:

You’ve been rocking brands from Stussy to Off-White™. How do you usually shop for your clothes?
Yes, I’m a big fan of streetwear right meow. I think normal “clothes” for pets are quite boring, so all my clothes are custom-made for me. Obviously, we are taking inspiration from big streetwear and fashion brands and we try to imitate their iconic pieces with super cute, mini versions. We take a lot of care in making the pieces extra realistic. When we are not making custom pieces, I like to browse the Internet and look at Gucci, Stone Island, and Céline.

Fuck me up, streetwear cat! A more pressing question: what do you call it when an animal is a fuccboi? Is it still a fuccboi? I don’t know, but I simultaneously want to be this cat, and also to die.

Another thing I also really like is the rise of animal streetwear/fashion. Pages like HYPEBAE and HYPEBEAST seem to pick it up more and more. We really do our best to show the world that streetwear can also be for pets, so it’s great to see other people and bigger pages noticing it.

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