Swedish Lingerie Chain Invites Employees To Advertise Their Bra Size


A Swedish lingerie chain called Change has landed itself in some serious hot water for suggesting—or requiring, depending on whom you ask—that its saleswomen display their bra cup sizes on their name tags. The company claims that this practice was “designed to help customers see what size might be right for what body type.” That makes almost no sense! But even if it did, there are plenty of reasons not to make your employees broadcast their size to anyone who walks into the store. As one employee explained,

We have dirty old men coming into the shop looking at my cup size. Why should everyone get to know that? Guys selling underwear don’t have to show their size.

Indeed they do not! Susann Haglund, the CEO of Change, doesn’t understand “how it could be construed as demeaning.” Wow, that is very interesting. One wonders if she’s tried displaying her cup size during meetings and found it to be perfectly pleasant. In addition, she maintains that the employees themselves suggested the idea and that it is voluntary, but a former employee is disputing that. She claims that displaying your cup size was mandatory when she started with the company:

You receive a document which states that “name tag with size is always worn,” so to me that doesn’t reflect that it was voluntary. It isn’t great when you’re out on town and people greet you with your name and cup size.

Yeeesh. Maybe best to take your name tag off before you leave work for the day? But either way, the Commercial Employees’ Union is considering a lawsuit against the chain.

Swedish Lingerie Store Wants Employees To Wear Tags With Their Bra Sizes [Daily Telegraph]

Image via Michal Kowalski/Shutterstock.

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