Tattoo Parlors Offering Free Obama Tats • Alaska Teens Are Bearing Bushels Of Babies


• Want to remember this historic day forever? Get an Obama tattoo! They’re all the rage in DC, with parlors offering discounts on Obama ’08 ink. •

• Today on The Onion, Martha Stewart has a new recipe, and it is a clear message to her enemies: “when you put a recipe like that together, with so many hazelnuts, the message is clear: do not fuck with me.” • Richard B. Laibly Sr., creator of the Sears catalog, has passed away at the age of 86. • Although women own about 48% of all enterprises in Africa, they still have the hardest time gaining access to finance, according to a recent report titled “Banking on African Women.” • Women in Peru are weaving baskets to sell abroad as part of a new venture aimed at “productive conservation.” The government has high hopes for the project, which aims to bring in money while protecting the local rain forest. • After examining several studies done on eye color and vision, The New York Times concludes that the color of your eyes does not affect how well you can see. • A woman biking in Boulder, Colorado escaped serious injury when she stopped to let a cow cross, and the bovine proceeded to knock her over and step on her legs.Famous virgin Natalie Dylan has confessed that she has “been with men,” but is “still a virgin.” Wonder what that means (the poophole loophole?) • New research shows that people who are socially active and have a “mellow demeanor” are less likely to develop dementia. • After promising Sid’s mother that he would prove to the world that Sid did not murder Nancy Spungen, writer Alan Parker has created a film that he claims will do just that. • According to a new survey released by a British market research firm, kids only being to appreciate their parents at the age of 22, which frankly, seems a little late. • A Swedish woman is entering into treatment for her coke addiction, and when we say coke, we mean cola. • President Sarkozy’s (gorgeous) trainer calls him a “dream pupil,” and claims her workout method can help improve the sex lives of her clients. • Nia Dinata, one of Indonesia’s best known filmmakers, recently released a documentary titled Cinema, censorship and sex, which realistically depicts the aspects of women’s lives (including polygamy) that most people are unwilling to discuss, and many religious groups find offensive. • More information has been released on the 2006 data on U.S. births. Teen pregnancy is on the rise, and Alaska is leading the way with the largest national increase in children born to teen mothers. • Good news for expecting mothers: new research shows that epidurals are safer than previously thought. • Today the BBC has an interview with Duncan Wise, who runs a preschool, about the difficulties of being male in a female-dominated field. Duncan says that his rugby teem mates still mock him: “They look at me and say ‘I couldn’t do what you are doing. They are quite blunt with me and say: ‘It’s a girl’s job’.”

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