Taylor Swift Whisks Her Fans Away to Her Living Room, Cuddles Them

Taylor Swift is still kidnapping her fans and baking cookies in a kitschy red apron with her cat Olivia Benson in tow. Above is a clip compiled from her intimate listening sessions with 89 fans in five locations for her upcoming 1989 album. Are we out of the woods yet?

As much as I love to hate Taylor, these events were great marketing. Look at you reading this post right now! The “Shake It Off” singer, according to The Hollywood Reporter, danced, canoodled and took selfies with 445 people at each of these listening parties in Los Angeles, New York City, Nashville, Rhode Island and London. Her fans got a chance to hear the album early, probably with insider tidbits from Swift herself (you know, after they signed that non-disclosure agreement) and I’m sure they ate that experience up.

Swift, the self-appointed Mother Teresa of pop music, has descended and we probably won’t be rid of her until 2015. Buckle up, folks.

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