Teacher Posting Creepshots of High School Students to Reddit Rightfully Fired, But Perv Forum Still Exists


So here’s some good news about the ongoing battle over Reddit’s Creepshots forum: it seems that the teacher who was posting photos of his underage students to the internet without their knowledge has been caught, and fired. And, to add insult to perv injury, he’s been banned from Reddit. Even worse! But here’s some bad news to shit all over your temporary good mood: r/creepshots still exists. And it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

His name hasn’t been released, but authorities say they’re investigating a Coweta County, Georgia substitute teacher who school officials say was posting pictures of his students to the internet. Here’s the local news report, featuring former Minnesota Twins/Atlanta Braves pitcher and current concerned parent Steve Bedrosian, who, from what I can tell, is now a real-life righteous Kenny Powers who would like to do harmful things to the capturer of the creepshots, possibly with his giant, tan fists.

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Despite all the hot water r/creepshots is in, admins have defended the site’s existence with this charming post, reminding users that pictures of minors is totally not okay, but pictures of regular adult ladies totally is, because once you hit adulthood, every part of your body is public, and fair game,

While there will no doubt be many complaints and moral outrages about this subreddit and how the theme of this subreddit is disgusting, etc… there is absolutely no difference between the types of images that are submitted on r/CreepShots, and between what paparazzi photographers do, around the world, for thousands of newspapers and magazines every single day. Some of the biggest sites on the internet, like TMZ.com rely on candid snaps of celebrities otherwise they wouldn’t even exist. Take your indignation there first.
People constantly have their pictures taken, without their consent, and used in publications without their knowledge. When you are outside and in public space, you do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Got that, ladies? If you go out in public, you do not have any right to assume that men are not taking pictures of your panties as you climb stairs and then posting them to the internet so that other voyeurs can touch their weens while thinking about how you have no idea they’re doing it. Being born a woman is like choosing to be a celebrity.

You’re asking for it.

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