Thanks to Obama, Abortion, Michele Bachmann Is Bracing for The Rapture


In a recent interview with fellow psycho and End Times visionary Jan Martell, former Rep. Michele Bachmann straight-up accuses the president of bringing on the apocalypse.

“We need to realize how close this clock is to getting towards the midnight hour…we need to cry out to the holy God,” the former Minnesota Congresswoman explains calmly. Bachmann tried to keep up with current events during her time as a member of the House of Representatives, but couldn’t really follow what was going on, so she decided that The Rapture is coming:

“I worked very hard on the intelligence committee to try to keep up with what was happening in the world. It got to such a crescendo I could hardly keep up with it anymore. The events have picked up such a pace and it’s just like the Bible forewarned…”

Martell and Bachmann put their extremely low-functioning heads together to lament how gay marriage, abortion, and Obama’s secret ties to radical Islam are bringing the Wrath of God upon America. But really, if anything is a sign of our impending doom, it’s that we live in a country that puts certifiable nutjobs like Michele Bachmann in office.

Listen to clips from the interview here.

Image via Associated Press

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