The 16 Most Hideous Looks From Fashion Week


There’s an inherent weirdness that goes with the kind of creativity and artistic talent needed to work in the fashion industry. When properly harnessed, it can be the difference between boring and brilliant. When left unchecked, it can be the difference between a miss and a mess.

Isn’t Betsey Johnson like bankrupt now or something? I can see why. Her broke-down prom queen aesthetic has been super tired and cheesy for some time now. Maybe some flippers and pasties can boost sales? Sure, sounds legit. Seriously, when did Betsey Johnson go from “kooky” to completely batshit loonball? (Although, if that pig is, indeed, a reference to Glitzy, I can perhaps overlook the snorkel.)

Look, I love the Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead fashion show scene as much as the next girl, but it was probably better left in the movie.

It’s difficult to wrap one’s mind around this Falguni & Shane Peacock, uh, thing. Like that infinity picture of Mariah Carey.

While I actually really liked Karen Walker’s collection, all the models were made to wear thick, long bangs like this, covering up the sunglasses that she designed. To the right, we have what Rodarte did to Jessica Stam. Do you know how to make faux-Skrillex hair look really cool? A Bluetooth.

A monster mask by Asher Levine; rice paddy chic by Assembly New York; and the most ill-fitting pleather dress on the planet courtesy of Abbey Dawn By Avril Lavigne.

It would be really cool to see anything from The Blonds’ collection on the Oscars red carpet this year.

The First Eighteen’s My Little Pony headphones are pretty much indistinguishable from the Easter bonnets that the kindergarten class of St. Frances Cabrini made with the help of a lunch mom and her hot glue gun. Last and completely least are the most disgusting shoes in the entire world. I thought these were a man’s feet, but they actually belong to a female model from the Rachel Antonoff presentation. I imagine that once you start walking around and get kind of warm that they will form a fog-like condensation, which ought to smell as cute as it looks.

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