The $57,400 Solid Gold Cell Phone Is Not A Play Thing


Sure, this phone doesn’t give you email or internet access, it can’t take pictures, it won’t let you play games, and it won’t help you find directions, but at least it’s solid gold, girl!

Danish retailer Aesir said it hopes to sell its $57,400, limited-edition 18-carat gold phones to Moscow’s fashion-forward elite. The phone, which took three years to develop, is “not a play thing,” company founder Thomas Jensen said, sipping a gin and tonic on the roof top of one of Moscow’s premier hotels.

And with that, my shitty barely-text-message-capable phone threw itself off my balcony —and it’s still alive and kicking.

Which —take note, Aesir— is probably one of the handiest features you can ask for in a cell phone.

More bling for your ring with solid gold phone [Reuters]

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