The 8 Most Attractive iPad Cases


Tech accessories often come in the standard black, and pink (you know, for girls). But if you want something different for the iPad, there are better options.

Okay, it might kind of look like a trivet, but the cool thing about the Speck Pixelshield is that it has a handle. You can put it in your bag, or just carry it like a clutch. The red one is perfect for summer outings to the park! [Speck]

Brosite Gizmodo notes that the pretty wood grain case by Vers not only frames your iPad, but comes with a kickstand, so you can lean back and watch a video. [Vers Audio]

The HardGraft felt and leather case just is classy, refined and cozy. You sort of want to snuggle up against it and have some cocoa. [Selctism, HardGraft]

It’s not subtle, but the “My Document” case by Yanko Designs has a sense of humor. (The messenger bag that looks like an envelope is cool, too.) [Yanko Designs]

Etsy has so many good Kindle/iPad/laptop cases and sleeves. This one stands out, because it’s fun putting your futuristic gadget in something so Brady Bunch-retro. [BlytheKing]

Antjes makes a Bacon and Egg iPhone case that is available upsized for the iPad. The best part of waking up is NOM NOM NOM. (Also check out the cheesy one!) [Antjes]

Of course, you can always put your iPad in “The original Apple iPad Case/Cover with Protective Wings.” Just don’t go testing the absorption rate with blue liquid. [HipHandMaids]

But! Even though everybody’s trying to cash in on iPad accessories, the good news is: At roughly 10 inches by 7 inches, the iPad will likely fit in whatever bag you already have. Skip the fancy case and save your money for apps! [Bag by JunkPrints]

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