The Bachelorette Goes Full-On Magic Mike With Revealing Man-Thongs


Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette was sexxxyyy y’all. The latest crop of social media marketers/former pro baseball players/firefighters stripped – for charity. Good thing this show airs at 8 pm ET/7 pm CT.

Joined by friends Sharleen and Kelly the dog lover from last season of The Bachelor (who were apparently there to help judge, but did nothing more than gasp because there were no prizes doled out for Best Stripper), Andi enjoyed watching her men strip for her – especially Marcus, whom she chose to perform his own solo act.

Not only were the men involved in this racy bit of action pretty talented, but things got so hot that at one point, ABC had to censor the backside of one of the contestants whose man thong revealed a bit too much man. “When Nick S. bent over, oh my god,” said our Bachelorette. “I kind of saw a part of a man no one is supposed to see.” Speak for yourself Andi!

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