The Black Eyed Peas Heard Your Prayers and Are Working on New Music


Just yesterday, I was thinking how much I’m dying to hear another “Boom Boom Pow.” Now here comes confirming that new Black Eyed Peas music is on the horizon.

The BEP frontman and Iggy Azalea supporter told the UK’s Capital FM that his group is hard at work on future radio infections for all the world to enjoy. No really, can we cancel this party before it starts, please? But don’t call them “albums.” Says

“We’re gonna have new music, we’ll have a bunch of new experiences, I don’t wanna call them albums. We’ll have experiences and a bunch of stuff to get the PEAbodies, and the folks that supported us, that got us to this point, all the support the love, the encouragement and listening to and sharing our music. We’ll make music for them, and just reflect on the initial dream we had in June 1995.”

Let’s listen to Fergie while we wait.

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