The Bombshell Manual Of Style: Badgley-Mischka Brings It


Who’d have thought you could get Christina Hendricks, Cinderella, Grace Jones, Ladyhawk and your first-grade teacher in one tent? And yet, somehow, Badgley-Mischka managed it! (In the snow, less.)

If some best-actress nominee does not wear this walking Oscar costume come March, I’ll be seriously displeased.

How ethereally stunning is this? (As Ina Garten might say.)

No one, but no one, does classic glamor better. (Badgley-Mischka. Not the Barefoot Contessa.)

Christina Hendricks: please purchase that last dress immediately.

Okay, the rosette portion of the collection I could do without – although I daresay they took some serious time and skill.

This damask capelet is adorable.

The vest version? Not as much. Although Mrs. Reiman would have rocked it.

The looks swung pretty wildly between all-out glam, and demure.

Is there anyone in the snow-covered portions of the globe who doesn’t want to be cuddled up in this right now?

Or this?! Win an archery contest while you’re at it!

I am very concerned about how certain starlets are going to style this, runway-to-reality.

Now, were I styling audience members in the collection, I think Erin Lucas, being both genuinely young and dubiously edgy…

Could rock this.

AnnaLynn McCord, meanwhile…

…should seriously consider an engaging little number comme ca.

[Images via Getty]

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