The Book Industry's Idea Of "Plus Sized" Looks A Lot Like Fashion's


We’re familiar with the slim cartoon brunette on the cover of women-aimed books. And the whitewashing on the cover of YA books. But what about books featuring “large” women? Not on the cover please — we’re selling.

Sociological Images picks up on an Entertainment Weekly report by Kate Ward (not online) noting how books with “plus-sized” protagonists often have cover illustrations that are anything but.

To my mind, the most ridiculous specimens in this phenomenon are the ones whose title plainly purports to be about a larger woman, but are belied by the accompanying image, like the one above. Or like these:

Or what about this one, whose protagonist is known as “Scottish sausage”?

This one bears the closest resemblance to the character it describes, a “food addict”:

Good thing those heels probably make her look skinnier.

Seeing Is Believing [Sociological Images]

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