The Creepy Men Of Pakistan's Sexual Harassment Calendar


In an effort to raise awareness, Pakistan’s Alliance Against Sexual Harassment has released a calendar featuring cartoons of the typical ways men sexually harass women. Though the images aren’t aimed at Americans, these problems cross cultural boundaries.

Ustad Lucha
“These men include wagon drivers and conductors of public transport who touch women in a sleazy manner under the guise of changing gears, taking money, or making room for other passengers.”

Cher Khan
“This type likes to get physical. They often touch, push or brush against women in crowded places.”

Hocha Boss
“This guy can make your life hell. He persistently extends explicit invitations for sexual relations and threatens to punish you if you reject him.”

Tharki Baba
“Every large family has men who like huging and touching young girls under the garb of being their older uncle.”

Ghuran Chatto
“This is a man who stares at all women. You may find such Chattus anywhere, but they are frequently found at bus stops, in markets and public gatherings.”

Khabees on Wheels
“These men often stop their bikes or cars to offer rides to women walking on the street. They are also known to intimidate women drivers.”

Namurad Mobaloil
“These namurads enjoy using mobile phones as their tools to harass women. They send anonymous sexual text messages and also resort to sending vulgar poetry in the hope of making a connection.”

Keechar Teacher
“These are the teachers that blackmail female students for sexual favors. They also intimidate female teachers at times, and abuse Their authority. They give bad name to respectable profession.”

Khudai Thekadaar
“These men impose their own version of morality on everyone else. They approach women and demand they cover their heads or lower their gaze. These are the one who throw acid in women’s faces to punish those who go outside the homes. They actively support sexual harassment to show that the immoral women bring it on themselves.”

According to AASHA’s website, the group began developing the cartoons in 2007 “as a strategy to deal with the issue of sexual harassment; to shift the focus from the victim to the behavior of the harasser.” For this year’s calendar people were asked to vote online for their 12 favorites, but AASHA has created cartoons for 24 other ways men harass women.

Calendar Depicting ‘Sexual Harassers’ Launched In Islamabad [Asian News International]
AASHA Vote []

Artwork by Sabir Nazar.

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