The CW Needs a Teenage Samantha Jones ASAP


Did you ever get around to watching The Carrie Diaries, that show set in the ’80s and serving as a teen prequel to Sex And The City? (We only watched four episodes). Well then, good news: It’s been renewed. And in season two, young Carrie Bradshaw meets young Samantha Jones.

As any SATC fan knows, Samantha is the one who has tons of sex and tons of fun. (Miranda is the one who has tons of work to do, Charlotte is the one who has tons of uptight thoughts, Carrie is the one who has tons of thoughts about herself.) Whether or not teen Samantha will be as sexually active as adult Samantha remains to be seen, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, viewers will see how Carrie and Samantha first meet. The role of young Samantha has not yet been cast, so now’s the time to throw some suggestions out there. Thoughts?


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