The Dominique Strauss-Kahn Case Finally Lands On Law & Order: SVU


I guess it was bound to happen?

The DSK case is set to appear as soon as Law & Order: SVU returns from hiatus.

According to TV Guide, actor Franco Nero will play an Italian version of DSK for the show’s season premiere. (Nero recently played the hot grandpa who ends up with Vanessa Redgrave – his wife in real life – in Letters to Juliet.)

I wonder if they’ll include the part about him being a bad tipper or that time hereceived a balloon bouquet from Balloon Saloon.

Just imagine the brief but severely dramatic interrogation of the owners of Balloon Saloon and tell me that doesn’t sound like an episode worth watching.

DSK to Finally Get the Law & Order: SVU Treatment He Deserves [NYMag]

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