The Duggars Hired Huckabee's Adviser to Do Molestation Damage Control


Want to know why the Duggars seem so incompetent and disingenuous in their campaign to win back the hearts and minds of America? It’s because they hired Mike Huckabee’s political adviser to help them through the PR crisis we all know as “those times Josh Duggar molested four of his sisters.”

Newsweek reports that America’s most beloved family (of bigoted hypocrites) have already had at least two people advising them on how to deal with the current onslaught of bad press. Not only are they using Huckabee’s adviser, but TLC has also allegedly sent their own crisis consultant to assist them in making sure their media strategy is up to snuff.

From Newsweek:

It turns out the politician’s ties to the Duggars may run deeper than just a show of support. According to CNN Money’s Brian Stelter, the Duggar family’s public image crisis is being managed by Chad Gallagher, Huckabee’s longtime political adviser. Gallagher is the founder and principal of Legacy Consulting in Arkansas, and also oversees Huckabee’s political action committee, HUCKPAC, which made the news earlier this year for awarding nearly $400,000 to Huckabee’s own family.

The Duggars are also supporting Huckabee as he attempts to win the presidency in 2016. Newsweek reports that the family previously supported Rick Santorum, who has recently come out to condemn Josh Duggar’s actions as “sickening.”

Huckabee, however, isn’t singing the same tune. This week he appeared on The Kelly File to talk about his support for the Duggar family and to castigate the media for preying on four innocent young girls. Huckabee told Megyn Kelly that even though Josh confessed to his crimes, he could not be tried for them now and that bringing the molestation charges out was all about pushing the liberal agenda and punishing the Duggars. Huck was also concerned that critics of the Duggars were quick to rush to judgment, even though Josh’s victims say they’re totally cool with everything that went down. He did not note that the Duggar daughters’ forgiveness could have something to do with a) their religion and its treatment of victims of abuse or b) the fact that expressing anything but forgiveness might hurt their family’s reputation and income. They’re really kind of in a bind there, Huck; even if they wanted to come out against Josh, they couldn’t.

According to Huckabee, the Duggars are only being dragged through the mud because they’re conservatives. In fact, he told Kelly that if a liberal did the same thing (molesting children), everyone would be okay with it and that it’s only conservative molestations the media cares about. Huckabee also told Kelly that despite the liberal media conspiracy against the Duggars, no one seems to really question him about his enduring support.

“You want to uphold truth, you want to uphold common sense, but you don’t go out there to specifically target individuals and see if you can exploit them for your own gain,” he said, adding that he has not heard much about his support of the Duggars from people on the campaign trail.
“I never get a question about this unless it’s to say, ‘By the way, why is this such a big issue?’” he said.

And then there’s this:

As a true Christian believer, Huckabee said, he has never tried to hurt or destroy anyone.

Meanwhile, the Duggars continue to publicly suffer the consequences of their attempts to protect a serial child abuser. How traumatic for them.

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