The Fine Art of the Cryface


No one is pretty when they cry. OK, fine. Nicole Kidman is pretty when she cries, and Lauren Conrad didn’t look terrible that time she cried streaks of mascara down her face. But the rest of us — gorgeous actresses included — have what is known as a “cryface.” And it’s almost invariably hilarious.

Cryface is having A Moment right now. While a longstanding Tumblr has been documenting Cryface for some time (bravo, cultural curio collectors of the internet!), a Pinterest board consisting exclusively of Claire Danes’ limited range of chin-crumpling cryface has brought even more attention to that ugly red contortion the front of our heads make when something has deeply upset or disappointed us. And rightly so.

So, in honor of the Cryface, let’s all blow off some steam this weird Wednesday with a parade of the best cryfaces in the biz. Ready? Sob.

[Daily What]

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