The Finest Public Restroom In America


If you’re walking the streets of Chicago and find yourself in need of a toilet, don’t resort to relieving yourself in the nearest Starbucks restroom. If you walk a few more blocks to the Field Museum, you’ll find yourself in a bathroom utopia, which the Chicago Tribune describes thusly:

The Field’s bathrooms were lauded for its two large break rooms featuring artwork of the night sky, “a calming image that also absorbs sound,” according to Cintas, which designs and manufactures restroom supplies.
The bathrooms also have eco-friendly automated water faucets and hand dryers, are cleaned every hour, and were lauded for their family friendly touches, such as a “tot area” with smaller toilets and a nursing room with a sofa in the women’s restroom.

The restrooms just won the 10th annual America’s Best Restroom contest, sponsored by restroom supplier Cintas Corp. Presumably there’s some interesting art in there too, but can anything really compare to a night sky painting over the toilet?

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