The First Cristina Yang-less Grey's Anatomy Trailer Is Here

Hello Grey’s Anatomy fans, of which there are 10 million of you—something I always like to point out to the Grey’s haterz out there. The first trailer for Season 11 (dayum) is here. Grey’s Anatomy will be the first show up at bat on all Shonda Rhimes all the time Thursdays this fall.

The twenty second trailer doesn’t tell us much other than that Derek and Meredith are having marriage troubles, which makes this the 1,543rd bumpy road they’ve gone down, and that Patrick Dempsey’s hair is still immaculate. The departure of my queen Cristina Yang is felt as we see Meredith literally leaning on Alex Karev for support.

Meredith was seemingly emboldened by “her person” Cristina’s last words to her regarding prioritizing her own dreams over those of her husband: “He’s very dreamy, but he’s not the sun—you are,” Cristina said as I wept like a fool. Meredith stood up to Derek at the end of the season finale refusing to leave Seattle for Washington DC and her defiance left them at that crossroads.

I can’t quite tell where this one is going to land, but over the course of eleven seasons, Grey’s Anatomy has been known to have seasons that are much better or worse than others. As a fan, you tend just ride the wave and hope for a few great Shonda Rhimes monologues to hold you over.

The important thing here is that we have twenty days until “Thank God It’s Thursday” kicks off, which still leaves plenty of time to stock up on your red wine, get your tweeting fingers ready and narrow down your viewing party guest list.

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