The First Rule of Meeting Avril Lavigne: Never Touch Avril Lavigne


A gallery of photos surfaced this week showing photos of Avril Lavigne posing with fans who had paid $400 for the privilege of bathing in the singer’s complicated aura and asking her why the hell “Sk8er Boi”is spelled that way and what the hell ever happened to Little Mama (because I was invested in her!) at a meet and greet. All of the photos have one thing in common: No one, but no one, is touching Avril.

According to BreatheHeavy, fans in Brazil were told that they could take photos with Nickelback’s #1 fan but that they couldn’t touch her, making for some really awkward photographic opportunities. Looking at these pictures I was wondering whether these fans were posing with the actual Avril or just a wax figure at Madame Tussauds in vegas, where you could do the same thing with many other celebrities for under $20 (if you had a coupon). And at the museum, I believe you can even touch some of the wax figures. Or at least, I did. I have several photos of myself with Marilyn Monroe at The Venetian which I’ve tried to pass off as authentic at parties. Considering that the cost of the photo-op didn’t include the cost of a ticket, it hardly seems worth it.

Here are some more shots, courtesy of imgur.

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