The Girls Sing For Bret; Bandanna Now Doubles As Muffler And Wig-Security


On last night’s episode of Rock of Love Bus, Bret had the girls write lyrics to a one of his songs, yielding results like “Love, War, & Rock ‘N Roll” and “Text Message My Heart.”

I only wish he’d done this earlier in the season, while some of the other girls were still in the competition, like he did in season one, which gave us an ROL classic: Rodeo’s love song for Bret that included the lyrics, “As we watch our kids at play under a rainbow of never ending love…Grab our kids, L.A. style, let’s love right, baby, because I wanna fly.”

Anyway, as Bret has said in the past, “Rock ‘n’ roll is an insatiable bitch goddess, but I love her. And I’m just looking for that one woman in my life to participate in that threesome.” I guess that’s why he thinks that penning lyrics is so key?

In the clip above, we have Jamie’s and Mindy’s songs. Enjoy.

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