The GOAT Introduces Goldie the Goat

The GOAT Introduces Goldie the Goat
Image:Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images (Getty Images)

Gymnast Simone Biles is, as the kids say, the GOAT, the greatest of all time. And while some might want her to be self-effacing because Black women are not allowed to express joy or pride in their accomplishments, Biles is taking a refreshing new approach. Hidden in the detailing on the last three leotards Biles has worn for competition has been a rhinestone goat, a nod to her GOAT status. Fans absolutely love the goat and have turned it into something of a Where’s Waldo, searching for it during Biles’s most recent appearances. On Monday afternoon, Biles took goat watch one step further by revealing the goat’s name on Instagram—which is, appropriately, Goldie.

Although Goldie is young, she has already had the pleasure of being present for Biles’s most recent achievements, like breaking a historic record for being the first woman to win seven U.S all-around titles and landing the near-impossible Yurchenko double pike in competition.

Image:Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images (Getty Images)

Goldie also serves as a reminder to anyone watching Biles that they are witnessing a slice of history. Never has a gymnast been so good at nearly every element of gymnastics, especially considering that by gymnastics standards Biles is “old” for the sport at the ripe age of 24. Biles’s former teammate Aly Raisman was lovingly referred to as grandma during her last Olympics appearance, when she was just 22. With Team USA’s participation in the cursed Tokyo Olympics still undecided, it’s unclear how many more appearances Goldie will get, but while she’s here, Goat Watch is just another gift that the GOAT has given to her viewing public. We truly are not worthy.

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