The Inanity of Women on Scales in Stock Photos


Many women have complicated relationships with their weight and body image that couldn’t possibly be summed up in a stock photography image, although that hasn’t stopped anyone from trying—and failing. Here, we collect the weirdest of women posing on scales.

For some reason stock photographers think that women weigh themselves as though they’re pooping in the woods which is so stupid because girls don’t poop.

A variant on the poop squat, this pose involves thanking God for how fat you aren’t.

There’s some girl-on-scale action going on here. The one on the left makes love to her scale while the girl on the right fucks hers. The wild-eyed, frazzled girl in the middle—who is trying so hard to contain her mania that she’s literally white-knuckling it—is clearly on the path of being her scale’s stalker ex-girlfriend.

Just a couple of Fonzies, except they say “Weigggghhhhh!” instead of “Ayyyy!”

Would you like fries with that fucking anvil of an allusion to obesity? Meanwhile, the chick on the right lost 10 lbs in 10 days by chopping off leg.

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