The Ladies Of The View Awed & Impressed By The Guys Of "Gossip Girls"


Barbara Walters has probably only seen one episode of the CW’s show (she called it “Gossip Girls”) but she was positively stunned that Ed Westwick is actually British. “Talk American,” she commanded.

Like he doesn’t do it every week on TV? Westwick humored Babs by mouthing off. “Whaddya want me to say to you,” he uttered in his best (worst?) ‘Murrican accent. As for yawn-inducing Chace Crawford, he got Sherri and Elisabeth to chuckle by recounting some British-isms he’s picked up by living with Westwick (rubbish, GA-rage). Not to be outdone, Whoopi found it necessary to point out that she, also had no idea that Ed Westwick was English. Ladies, this show has been on since Fall 2007. Worst. Interview. Ever! Clip above.

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