The Majority of American Adults Are Single

Despite that flood of wedding photos on your Facebook news feed, married people are not taking over the world. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, single adults now outnumber married adults for the first time since 1976 when they first began tracking the data.

It’s by a very slim margin, but nevertheless, WE SINGLES ARE THE CHAMPIONS. Via the New York Post:

There were 124.6 million single Americans in August, accounting for 50.2 percent of the 16-and-over US population, BLS data showed.
That number has been hovering just below the 50 percent mark since 2013, before finally getting over the majority hurdle this summer.
Back in 1976, the unmarried crowd accounted for 37.4 percent of the adult population and it’s been trending upward ever since.

The BLS data includes different classifications of singles, not just millennials who are afraid of what lies beyond their iPhone screens.

Unmarried adults split about 3-to-2 in favor of those who have never walked down the aisle (30.4 percent) compared to divorcees, widows and widowers (19.8 percent). In 1976, those figures were closer at 22.1 percent and 15.3 percent, respectively.

So swipe right on Tinder proudly and enjoy not having to regularly share your bed comforter with any damn body, for you, the single, are one of the unchosen majority.

Image via nito/Shutterstock.

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