The Obamas Get A Dog, Pirates Are Dead, & Eggs Will Roll

  • If you have been hiding under a rock this weekend, the Obamas got their Portuguese Water Dog, Bo, from the Kennedys, and tons of awwws erupted around the blogosphere. [Washington Post]
  • Newt Gingrich thinks you’re sorta stupid for caring. [CNN]
  • In other news you can’t escape, Obama is being congratulated on his first foreign policy victory for the Navy’s ability to shoot 3 dudes on a boat because “foreign policy victory” is always equivalent to “dead bodies of non-Americans” and not, say, “getting Iran to agree to nuclear talks” which is what he did last week. [Huffington Post, BBC]
  • Rick Warren cancelled his Sunday morning show appearances because he was exhausted from all his lying. [Politico]
  • Barack Obama‘s half-brother, Samson, was denied a visa to Britain because he was charged with sexual assault and fled the country. [Reuters]
  • Arizona State University is happy to have the President give its commencement address this year but, like John McCain, has dubbed him too inexperienced to be awarded an honorary degree. Guess John McCain has a few friends at ASU, huh? [Washington Post]
  • Obama turned down throwing out the first pitch at today’s Washington Nationals home-opener. [Washington Post]
  • Ari Fleischer is sick of poor people all being too poor to pay their damn taxes. Pay up, assholes! [Wall Street Journal]
  • Republicans are pushing legislation to make sure that people who inherit up to $10 million from their families don’t have to keep paying taxes on it. [NY Times]
  • Like Democrats, they probably don’t care that the banks that got your tax dollars are also raising interest rates and fees because they all use the Congressional Federal Credit Union. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Goldman Sachs is using your tax dollars to try to shut down a blogger who is critical of their company. [Telegraph]
  • Paul Krugman thinks it’s mean to make fun of crazy people, and Republicans are crazy. Paul Krugman obviously wants me to lose my job. [NY Times]
  • And not even Rahm Emanuel is mean enough to save it anymore. [Washington Post]
  • Today is the White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll. Images to come!
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