The Only Thing To Put in a 'Lady Drawer' Is Loads of Plan B

The Only Thing To Put in a 'Lady Drawer' Is Loads of Plan B

I’ve been introduced to a concept known as the “lady drawer” and now I have to show it you too, because I want you to suffer with this cursed content as much as I am suffering.

This week a Tweet describing a “lady drawer” went viral. “I feel like every guy needs a ‘lady drawer’ if you plan on having frequent guests,” it read, with a picture of makeup wipes (sure), a hairbrush (nice touch), and *squints* what appears to be a dildo and a pregnancy test (box opened!)

As Mashable notes, the post was quickly clowned on as actual women posted their ideal drawers, such as one filled with McDonalds sauces. Mmmm.

Dudes, if you’re thinking of setting up a nice, shockingly pink “lady drawer” in your space for guests, fill it with someone she might actually want: Plan B. It’s harder to get than you think and should be a lot easier, especially since in certain states pharmacists can deny giving it to women it if it conflicts with their religious beliefs.

Thank you for your service!

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