The Pet Sematary Remake Is Coming for You, Rachel


“Sometimes dead is better” goes a line from Pet Sematary, but Pet Sematary no longer practices what it preaches. Stephen King-devised tale about a burial ground that rejuvenates the dead with murderous and at times unintentionally hilarious consequences is being resurrected in a remake due in April (30 years after the 1989 original).

The first Pet Sematary is one of those movies you had to see as a child for it to really affect you. Otherwise, it’s just kind of goofy. Still, it was a sizable hit—it made over $57 million at the domestic box office, which adjusted for inflation amounts to $134 million in 2018 dollars. Those were huge numbers for a horror movie at the time. And so here we are. The first trailer, which reveals little actual horror, looks no less potentially goofy, but maybe it’ll be a little grittier?

At least Church the cat looks more badass this time. It’s not even showy about its badassery, it’s very blasé, very cat about it. I like that.

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