The ‘Progressive’ Anti-Abortion Uprising Is Just a Troll


The ‘Progressive’ Anti-Abortion Uprising Is Just a Troll

The most important and most sacred rule when navigating the internet is that one should never believe everything they see/read/hear online. This rule is easily applied to things like videos of people tracking Big Foot or pictures of butts that have the caption #allnatural with the peach emoji. Big Foot and people with non-surgically enhanced butts feeling the need to advertise said butts are both myths. But the rule becomes a little trickier when it comes to things like, say, a poorly produced video of what appear to be several hostages reading off a cue card to promote a “progressive” anti-abortion platform.

Whilst I firmly believe that all of these people are real human beings who really are who they claim to be, the way in which the idea of progressivism being in alignment with anti-abortion ideology feels like a bunch of college kids got together to write a digital skit for SNL. This line in particular— “Abortion violence is the redistribution of the oppression people of color, women, the LGBTQ+ community, people who can give birth and people from low-income backgrounds experience onto, onto an even more vulnerable population: the unborn”—was when I had to ask if I was being Punk’d.

By definition, a fetus or an embryo is not part of a population, not even by the stretchiest stretch of the imagination. Even if that were the case, this particular group (which came into existence the day before the Justice for Abortion Rally, conveniently) is steamrolling the rights of pregnant people by calling for them to no longer have a choice in whether or not they remain pregnant. Me thinks thou doth progressive too much.

The Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising claims to be a real group that really exists to “abolish abortion” and is not some elaborate troll established by Russian bots. Not only is the group anti-abortion, but they are somehow also pro-feminist, a conflicting claim made by the group’s founder Terissa Bukovinac. As a whole, the group believes that they are on the side of “the oppressed,” who are in this case fetuses and embryos, while wholly ignoring the other oppressed groups that have had the misfortune of being born into a warming planet, a declining global economy, and a country that has created such a fractured healthcare system that over a 100,000 children have lost a primary caregiver.

But yeah, what we need right now is another group trampling over the rights of the already living in favor of bringing more children into the world who will have absolutely no economic safety net and no sustainable living environments in the next ten years. Real progressive shit.

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