The Property Brothers and Brad Pitt Are Going to Fix Up Some Houses

The Property Brothers and Brad Pitt Are Going to Fix Up Some Houses
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Is there any more thoughtful thank you gift than sending a construction crew to a friend or employee’s home to knock down walls and move stuff around? Yes. A celebrity acquaintance coming with that construction crew to knock out walls and move stuff around.

At least that is the premise of the new Property Brothers series Celebrity IOU, which features titular celebrities like Brad Pitt, Viola Davis, and Melissa McCarthy renovating the homes of people they know. Each episode will pair the brothers with a different famous person and end in a surprise reveal of the renovation. However, I really hope it goes one step further and the entire thing is a surprise. For example, Melissa McCarthy’s personal assistant comes home from a week in the Bahamas to find her entire home is now one big open floor plan covered in stills from Spy. [The Hollywood Reporter]

I feel for Game of Thrones actor Jack Gleeson, who did such a good job at acting he made the entire world associate his face with one of the most reviled characters of all time. So I hope his new BBC comedy is funny enough to fully erase the memory of Geoffrey with that crossbow from everyone’s collective memory. [Variety]

My favorite Padma Lakshmi moments are when she spits things out on Top Chef and talks about how bad they taste while sounding like she could not be more bored, but I suppose I’ll give this show where she eats food she likes a try. [The Kitchn]

The Loki series headed to Disney+ starring Tom Hiddleston is getting the welcome addition of Richard E. Grant, whose addition anywhere, anytime is always very welcome. [Variety]

Uma Thurman will make her AppleTV+ debut in a thriller that sounds like a cross between Taken and Murder on the Orient Express. [Deadline]

The live-action Peter Pan has cast its Wendy and Peter. Congratulations to these kids. [Variety]

The phenomenal Sarah Lancashire will play Julia Child in a new HBO series that will also star Bebe Neuwirth and Isabella Rossellini, and this sentence officially contains all my favorite proper nouns. [Variety]

More Scream movies coming. Wonder if that also means more Stab sequels. [Variety]

Lifetime is making five more “Ripped From the Headlines” movies based on Ann Rule true crime with titles like Danger in the Dorm and Practice to Deceive, and I could not be more ready for every single one of them. [Variety]

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