The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Remembered Janet Jackson, But Why Won't They Induct Her?


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame dinosaurs announced the nominees for its 2019 class of inductees on Tuesday. Thankfully, Janet Jackson was among them, after being left off the nominees list last year. Jackson has already been nominated to the Hall twice before, though. Will this be the last time?

Other signs that the Hall can turn things around this year: LL Cool J has been nominated for the fifth time (!) and should be inducted; Radiohead was nominated, even though they have said over and over that they do not give a shit about the Hall; and frankly, I think we should take them at their word and leave them out of this. Stevie Nicks was also nominated, which is nice, even though she’s already in the Hall because of Fleetwood Mac. Kraftwerk, The Cure, and Rufus and Chaka Khan are all nominated this year. They’ve also all been nominated before.

Don’t put your faith in institutions. But if you must, use your voice to change them. Same as last year, fans can vote on their five favorite Hall nominees and an aggregate of those picks will serve as one vote in the final tally. According to USA Today, roughly 800 other music professionals are voting, so the cards are stacked against you, but you should try anyway. Democracy in action.

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